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5. Melbourne - Italian for Travellers

Conversational Italian for Travellers
Weekend Retreat

Not available at present
You can learn to speak Italian at a Beginner level at this friendly, enjoyable Weekend Retreat Course

$470 / $423*

Complete Weekend Package
* 10% Friends Discount for two or more people
$245 / $220* Saturday Travellers
$345 / $320* Sunday Conversational

Suitable for:

Complete beginners who don't know any Italian at all. Travellers and students. If you know some Italian, but it’s “rusty”, this is also a very good refresher course.


The Swanston Hotel, Grand Mercure, 195 Swanston St., Melbourne CBD, Vic., or equivalent venue.


  • Classes are led personally, by Juliana Pupazzoni Burman B.A. (Hons.), Dip. Ed. (UWA). More...
  • The Conversational Italian for Travellers Classes are easy, friendly and enjoyable, with a relaxed, supportive atmosphere.
  • It's easy to learn basic Conversational Italian for Travellers FAST with Juliana's proven programme of friendly and practical Classes and e-Courses. Have more fun on your trip to Italy - explore the real Italy, eat where the Italians eat, find your way around, go sightseeing, shopping, etc.
  • The main focus of the Conversational Italian for Travellers - Weekend Retreat is on learning easy, practical Italian, enabling you to carry on simple conversations - with a focus on everyday language, travel topics and socialising.
  • This is a blended learning experience, combining our e-Courses and face-to-face Classes.
  • As soon as you register for the course, you will get access to the Italian To Go e-Course - for your computer, tablet & smartphone.
  • You can use the Italian To Go e-Course and the Fra Amici e-Course (Sunday Course text) before, during and after the Weekend Beginners Classes.
  • You can have fun learning to speak Italian at your own pace, learning new skills and keeping your brain active.
  • Day 1: SATURDAY Beginners Travellers Course
    You learn how to speak Italian in travel situations.
  • Day 2: SUNDAY Beginners Conversational Course for Travellers
    You learn how to have conversations in Italian, based on everyday language and travel scenarios. We put the key travel topics into a conversational context.
  • Weekend Retreat Conversational Italian for Travellers Topics:
    • Greetings and Pronunciation
    • Numbers and Money
    • Coffee Bars, Restaurants, Menus and Ordering a Meal
    • Accommodation • Transport • Shopping
    • Finding Your Way Around • Sightseeing • Emergencies
    • Meeting people, socialising and everyday language
    • Talking about Ourselves & what we like
  • Class sessions each day:
    9:30am-12 noon Learning Conversational Italian for Travellers all together
    12 noon-12.30pm Optional Conversation Practice in small groups
    2pm-4:30pm Learning Conversational Italian for Travellers all together
    4:30pm-5pm Optional Conversation Practice in small groups
Melbourne - Italian for Travellers

Bookings closed

Bookings for our April classes are now closed, please contact Juliana to pre-register for future classes, and to learn about some special discounts for Melbourne residents who have missed out this time.

Melbourne - Italian For Travellers Attendee Bonus e-Courses

  • (1) BONUS Italian To Go e-Course and Travel Pack (online/retail $69) - for Day 1 and Day 2 attendees - includes e-Course with audio and two printed books
  • (2) BONUS Italian To Go Instant Download (online/retail $19) for listening and learning on the move, using your phone/tablet/laptop - for Day 1 and Day 2 attendees
  • (3) BONUS Fra Amici Beginners Italian e-Course for Students and Travellers (online/retail $229) - FREE for Day 2 attendees but available at the Classes Discount Price of $129 if you can only attend Day 1. (EFTPOS is available at the Weekend Retreat).

Notes and suggestions

  • If you are unable to attend both days you can attend just one day. You can choose from SATURDAY Beginners Travellers Course ($245) OR SUNDAY Beginners Conversational Course for Travellers ($345). Please contact Juliana to book in for just one day. Thank you
  • If you would like to take advantage of the Friends 10% Booking Offer, please contact Juliana
  • We reserve the right to change venues, depending upon the number of registrations.
  • You receive a number of bonuses depending on the course you attend, please see

    Attendee Bonus e-Courses notes above.

  • Attending the Workshop also entitles you to discounts on downloadable Fra Amici e-Courses for future study. (EFTPOS is available at the workshop.)

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