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4. Italian for Travellers & Students (intermediate)

A 3-session course over 3 weeks

Includes all downloadable Audio mp3s and Text e-Learning Resources and two printed books (Fra Amici and Italian To Go Travel e-Course materials that suit the course).


10% discount for 2 friends, 15-20% discount for 3-4 friends. Please contact us for discount bookings.

Suitable for:

People with a Beginner's knowledge of Italian (e.g., people who have attended our Beginners Italian course or an equivalent course) and people with some Intermediate Italian. This is a Multi-Level Course, so it suits people with varying amounts of knowledge of Italian. People choose their own level and conversation group.

Class Time Options:

Tuesday Evening (see option below)


City Beach, Perth, WA.


  • Classes are led personally, by Juliana Pupazzoni Burman B.A. (Hons.), Dip. Ed. (UWA).
  • The focus is on developing your conversational and general communication skills on a wide range of themes, to help you to increase your fluency in Italian.
  • We use interesting, recorded, in-depth interviews with Italian people as well as lively dialogues on everyday themes to stimulate your language-learning through our listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.
  • Our language activities will help you to increase your understanding of the language and to develop your ability to speak Italian more effectively, fluently and confidently.
  • We study the important and useful grammar structures that will help you to express yourself more effectively and correctly in Italian.
  • We also study and discuss many fascinating aspects of Italy, Italian culture and the Italian way of life.
  • This is a Multi-Level Course, with conversation groups at Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced levels. People choose their own group. You can do this 4-class course more than once, because the Multi-Level Course enables you to progress in your understanding of Italian and in your conversational skills at your own pace. Please contact Juliana for more details.
  • All Beginners Conversational, Refresher, Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced Classes include the related Fra Amici learning materials, comprising downloadable PDFs and Audio mp3s, plus activities and worksheets with Answer Key.
  • They also include the Italian To Go Complete e-Course and Travel Pack, comprising downloadable PDFs and Audio mp3s. You can take it to Italy on your smart phone, with the printed phrase book in your pocket. It is a useful, additional conversational resource for revision and expansion of travel topics.
Intermediate Italian, Multi-Level Course (2 series of 3 classes)


  • Class places are limited to 10 (12 in rare cases), to give everyone individual attention in a small, friendly group.
  • Classes are held on the same day of the week for each session. (If a class must be re-scheduled in an emergency, the new class date will be decided by consulting the class.)
  • Classes will be held on consecutive weeks, except for the Mid-Semester Break, Mid-Year Break and public holidays/conferences. Please contact us for the full Classes Schedule and Information Brochure to be emailed to you.
  • If you have any queries please contact us.

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