2. A meal at a restaurant

Beginners/Beginners-Intermediate: Level of difficulty 5/10: In this Italian scene, you learn how to order a meal in Italian. A group of four university students, two young men and two young women, go and have a meal in a pizza restaurant.

Title: Four students at the Pizzeria Adelina | Quattro studenti alla Pizzeria Adelina: The waiter / waitress comes and takes their orders. Two of them just order a pizza and the other two people order two courses. For dessert, they all have fresh fruit. (Fruit in Italy is so tasty that many Italians enjoy finishing their meal with fresh fruit, especially if the rest of their meal has been filling.) The students also order red wine and sparkling mineral water. They enjoy their meal and they talk about their studies, music and television. After their meal, they ask for the bill / check; they all pay their own share and they leave a tip for the waiter / waitress. Then they go for a walk around the piazza (town square) before going home.