6. Booking into a hotel

Beginners: Level of difficulty 3/10: If you enjoy the freedom of travelling without firm plans, especially in the Italian country and in the smaller towns, you will often find charming little hotels and 'pensioni' where you would like to stay. At many of these places, you will certainly need your Italian.

Title: We arrive at the hotel without a booking | Arriviamo all'albergo senza prenotazione You will probably do at least some of your hotel bookings online, before your trip, especially if you are travelling in the high season. The major hotels in the larger cities all have English-speaking staff. But to go off the tourist path, you'll need some Italian. With these extracts from the hotel scenarios, you will learn how to enquire about a room at a hotel – a single room, a double room, for one night, for two nights. The hotel will ask you for your document and you will learn how to say "Here is my passport".