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1. Secondary school Italian resources

Italian Course Materials for Teachers

Audio and PDF resources as digital files.

"FRA AMICI is a very comprehensive and meticulously prepared course which makes it easy for teachers to prepare lessons with few supplementary materials." - Susan Cattaneo, Lecturer in Italian, Central College of TAFE, Perth, Western Australia


The digital files give access to substantial teaching-learning resources for students and teachers, comprising PDF text files and MP3 audio files, with additional resources for teachers only. There are over a thousand pages of text, 7 CD-length audio programs in Italian and also 3 bilingual travel audio programs (which are helpful for vocabulary-learning).

Suitable For

  • Secondary School Teachers & Students
  • Beginners: Years 9 and 10 (13 - 15 years of age)
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Years 11 and 12 (15 - 18 years of age)

How it Works

The teacher/school sets the resources as the text for the course of study. Parents buy the digital files on CD ROM or USB memory stick which enables students' access to the resources. The teacher gets free access to the students’ resources plus additional teaching resources. Registration is by School Licence.

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