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    What is an e-course?

    e-Course is short for electronic-course. It is a digital version of an "old school" course, that comprised printed books, CDs (or tapes) and workbooks.

    Our courses are downloadable from a link that will be sent to you by email after you have purchased the e-Course. You can download the whole e-Course in a few minutes. The advantage of an e-Course is that when I update the e-Course, you will be able to download it again, so that you will always have the latest version that is fresh and up-to-date.

    « I've had a wonderful experience. Grazie mille, Juliana ~ Margaret M. | Main | Juliana, grazie! I really enjoyed learning Italian "amongst friends", in particular, your personal touch made the course very special ~ Ariane G. »

    Juliana Pupazzoni Burman has invested a huge amount of time and effort in designing a course using a functional/situational approach to language learning which particularly equips travellers to Italy with the vital language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing needed when travelling ~ Eleanor K.

    The Fra Amici Intermediate/Advanced Course was a most enjoyable and valuable learning experience for me.

    Included with materials provided in the course is a very useful  travel language conversation guide called the ‘Quick Access Phrasebook’ which provides key sentence structures and important vocabulary in a variety of everyday situations.  A unique feature of this phrasebook is the colour coding used for quick access both to the topics and their relevant language as well as a pronunciation guide.  Although the colour coding is valuable in both the areas mentioned, it is particularly valuable in the section on pronunciation to help students recall the correct use of the often confusing pronunciation of Italian consonants according to the vowel which follows.

    In addition to language learning for travellers, the section of the course material providing extensive grammatical content with accompanying exercises makes it an excellent way to learn the Italian language no matter what a student’s motivation may be.

    A further positive aspect of this course was its delivery in very relaxed circumstances in the teacher’s own home with a half-time break for coffee and delicious Italian cakes, giving the students a wonderful conversational opportunity to practise what they had learnt. 

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