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    What is an e-course?

    e-Course is short for electronic-course. It is a digital version of an "old school" course, that comprised printed books, CDs (or tapes) and workbooks.

    Our courses are downloadable from a link that will be sent to you by email after you have purchased the e-Course. You can download the whole e-Course in a few minutes. The advantage of an e-Course is that when I update the e-Course, you will be able to download it again, so that you will always have the latest version that is fresh and up-to-date.

    « The course was so great that I will continue with the Intermediate. Thank you, Giuliana ~ Sabina S | Main | Very enjoyable, friendly and relaxed ~ Vicki P. »

    This book is a fun way to learn Italian which is practical and I can't wait to finish working my way through it and begin with the next course. I feel very confident of making myself understood without resorting to hand signals when we next return to Italy and I will have "Fra Amici" to thank for that ~ Meg D.

    I began using "Fra Amici-A First Course in Italian" as an auxiliary resource to a text book I am using for an Italian course. That text book is all in Italian, making the exercises and the understanding of the grammatical points extremely difficult, especially at the beginning of the course. Thank heavens for "Fra Amici".

    This book, plus the CD's and the small, traveller friendly "Survival Italian for Travellers" is, as it says-a comprehensive communication course for beginners. From the Introduction to the Language Study Units, this book is easy to follow and packed full of appropriate information. Simple written conversations, vocabulary lists, written and oral activities and conversation guides are interspersed with recipes, games and cultural notes. At the end of each chapter there is a self assessment list to help monitor your progress.

    I have found the written activities extremely helpful in reinforcing the topics presented and the CDs have helped me with pronunciation. The activities on the CDs force you to think quickly by putting you 'on the spot', just like you would be in Italy in shops, at tourist attractions and using public transport. I found this challenging but very, very helpful.

    The setting out of the chapters makes it easy to study in 'bites'. I take my "Fra Amici" with me on the train to work and also use it while riding my exercise bike. It is amazing how quickly the time on the bike flashes by with the CD on and the book open.

    The grammar sections at the back of the book are logically and simply set out. Again, written exercises reinforce the grammatical points being made. The chapters on verbs have been particularly helpful. The lists are clear and extensive and the explanations for usage are easily understood. 

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