Can I learn Italian on the move?

  • Yes! You can learn Italian anywhere - on the move - by listening to the Audio mp3s, which are in English and Italian in Italian To Go, so that you don’t have to be in front of your screen.
  • Italian To Go is ideal for learning Italian on the move, because you hear each audio phrase first in English and then in Italian. You don’t need to be in front of a screen.
  • Your smartphone is ideal for learning on the move with the Italian To Go and Fra Amici e-Course Audio mp3s.
  • The Italian To Go e-Course PDFs feature phone-size pages designed to work best on your phone, while you listen to the audio.
  • The Fra Amici e-Course PDFs are best viewed on a computer / iPad / tablet for long periods, because they are full-sized pages, but you can easily read them on your smartphone in landscape mode for shorter periods, while you are on the move. You can listen to the audio on all your devices. It’s handy to listen to the Audio mp3s on your phone while you read the text on your computer / iPad / tablet.
  • If you are a Beginner, you can combine learning the travel topics from Italian To Go and the conversational topics from Fra Amici Beginners Italian 1 and 2 e-Courses.
  • You can learn according to your mood. You can alternate days or sessions on Italian To Go travel topic phrases with the dialogues and learning activities in the Fra Amici conversational topics or you can focus on one area for a few sessions and then switch over to the other area. By approaching the Italian language from two perspectives, practical travel and enjoyable conversational, you can learn faster as you assimilate the various themes into your understanding of how to use Italian in many different scenarios.
  • You can learn Italian on the move as a Beginner. There are 141 audio mp3s in the Fra Amici Beginners Italian 1 and 2 e-Courses, so you can combine them into learning playlists to listen to on your phone while you are on the move. You can listen to each dialogue and respond orally to the listening activities. The more you listen to Italian, even while doing other things, the more you will remember when you want to speak Italian. The audio helps you to become accustomed to Italian pronunciation and the intonation patterns of Italian sentences (rise and fall of your voice), while you effortlessly learn vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure used in normal Italian sentences.
  • You can learn Italian on the move at Intermediate to Advanced levels. There are 225 Audio mp3s in the Fra Amici Italian 3 – Intermediate, Fra Amici Italian 4 - Intermediate-Advanced and Fra Amici Italian 5 - Advanced e-Courses. You can listen to the Italian dialogues and interviews with Italian native speakers and follow the e-Course on your laptop or tablet. You can also make playlists of the Audio mp3s, so you can listen to the audio on your smartphone and on the move.