Can I learn Italian?

  • Yes! Italian is the easiest language to learn for English-speakers.
  • You may be wondering why you can learn Italian easily. Italian is the closest European language to English and therefore the easiest language to learn for English-speakers, according to the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. 40% of the English language is based on Latin, and Italian is derived from Latin. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many Italian words you will recognize, because of their similarity to English words. It is easy to learn to pronounce, understand, speak, read and write everyday Italian.
  • It is easy to learn Italian because Italian is a phonetic language – so you read it the way it’s written and you write it the way you say it – except for the “c” and “g” sounds, which can be either hard or soft sounds. The “c” and “g” sounds are color-coded in Italian To Go to make it easy and fast for you to learn Italian.